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lots of sewing going on lately.
I am the most forgetful person — as in I make lists about making lists. And moving hasn’t helped. At all. 
Love making those lists on @wellpresspaper (co-created by Zach’s sweet sister @ashleykirnan ) notepads. 
Beautiful, unique goods are my favorite kind, and these nail it.
part II
Anonymous asked:

Do you have a thigh gap? I feel so much pressure to have one to be considered beautiful and tumblr just makes it worse..

So sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this one.

I’ll say this about your question though — I’m not a stick-thin person. Never have been, never will be. I like dark chocolate way too much, and my legs have a naturally athletic build. I’ve struggled with this for my entire life - something I feel many females (and males) can relate to. It’s hard to be satisfied with something we see, compare and dress very single day. Because it’s there. We see our bodies from every angle, every day and we’re always around them. Which gives us time to critique until the cows come home (sorry, phrase from my mom…).

I’ve also always had a high interest in exercise and nutrition, just by nature. Work outs are my favorite ‘hobby’, to be honest, and thanks to my family, I understood what it meant to care for my body through food at a young age. This doesn’t mean I do either perfectly.. or they solve any problems. In fact, there have been many points in my life where they make things worse. But what they have taught me is that my body is mine. It will respond to how I chose to care for it, and when I do that well, that is the best feeling possible — regardless of numbers, inches or gaps. 

When you love and care for your body exactly as it is, just as it was given to you to care for, it changes things. It reacts to your stress and your worry, as odd as that sounds… and it thrives off of love. 

Respect your body as yours, and the bodies of those around you as theirs. Each are beautiful, and none of them should be compared. They weren’t made the same. They don’t have the same genetics or history or cells or muscles or bones. Nothing is the same. And how can you compare two completely unique things? 

[Side note: from a technical standpoint, this helped me a lot when I understood it several years ago — ‘thigh gaps’ are not a result of exercise or diet in the end. Yes those two things can help to have leaner muscle and more toned legs, but at the end of the day it’s a matter of bone structure. Some women have wider set hips, which make the presence of a thigh gap more likely, regardless of weight, amount of leg muscle, etc. Others, like myself, have more narrow set hip bones, meaning, that no matter how hard I were to try, I most likely am not going to have a ‘thigh gap’, unless I drop down to an extremely unhealthy weight, muscle, and body fat percentage. But honestly, my sanity enjoys the sound of ‘grilled cheese’ more than ‘thigh gap’ anyways….].

Anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a little tour of your new place? I'm dying to see how you decorated! Once your settled in of course, I know it takes time to get it all set up.

Maybe one day — i’m constantly messing with things, and moving things, and rearranging things. and over time I’m sure just about all of it will end up on Instagram. But maybe if I get around to creating the ‘real life’ blog I’ve gone back and forth about for years one day, then that could be a first post.

I miss you, @zachmillerz . A lot.
If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.
Nayyirah Waheed

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